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Welcome to BASH – Bradford and Airedale Sexual Health services website – your one stop shop for sexual health services within the district. The site lists all the FREE sexual health services available within the district – making your life easier.

You’ll find useful maps, contact numbers, links to other website, and opening times at your fingertips. Each section is split into services for under 25s and services for 25s and over – again to help you choose the most relevant services. So get exploring and tell your friends.

Dont forget – choosing to have sex should be a decision that YOU are happy with. If you are not sure, it’s ok to say no. Don’t let peer pressure or friends push you into doing something you don’t really want to do. Don’t forget alcohol and drugs seriously affect your ability to make good decisions and look after yourself.

Stay safe, stay in control – use

All services listed on this site are confidential. This means that you can tell others about any service you visit, but we won’t unless someone may be in danger or at risk of harm. If this happens the services will always try to talk about this with you first.

Do you need:

Then ring 01274 200024.

The opening hours for this telephone service are:
Monday to Friday – 8am until 6pm.

Outside of these hours there is a voicemail service where you can leave your details and someone will return your call at the next available opportunity.

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For 25 year olds and over

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For Under 25 Year Olds

You have chosen to view information for under 25 year olds. If you are 25 years old or over, click the link above.

Call us: 01274 200024

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Providing a confidential service to all young people, including under 16s. This means that you can tell others about any service you visit, but they won’t. The only reason a service may have to discuss passing on confidential information would be if you or someone else may be in danger or at risk of harm, however they will always try to talk about this with you first.

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